Acquia Acquires Mautic to Deliver FirstEver Open Marketing Cloud

first_img AcquiaDigital Experience Platformmarketing automationMarketing TechnologyMauticNews Previous Articleo9 Solutions Continues to Deliver Value with its Premier AI-powered Platform for Integrated Planning and Digital OperationsNext ArticleMareana Named a 2019 Gartner Cool Vendor in Artificial Intelligence Across the Supply Chain Acquia Acquires Mautic to Deliver First-Ever Open Marketing Cloud PRNewswireMay 10, 2019, 6:58 pmMay 10, 2019 Acquia, the open source digital experience company, announced that it has acquired Mautic, creator of the world’s only open marketing automation and campaign management platform. Together, Acquia and Mautic form the only open alternative to expensive, closed, stagnant marketing clouds, expanding Acquia’s vision to offer the industry’s first Open Digital Experience Platform. Customers can now automate, personalize, and measure the entire customer lifecycle – across every channel, at every stage, and at every interaction.“In today’s world, brands need to engage with their customers in a unified and intelligent way,” said Dries Buytaert, Acquia co-founder, CTO, and chairman. “The addition of Mautic helps us support brands on this mission, while also pushing us towards our vision of building the Open Digital Experience Platform. With this acquisition, we are combining open source content management with open source marketing automation. Just as Drupal disrupted web content management, we believe Mautic disrupts the marketing automation world with open source, providing our customers faster innovation, more agility, more flexibility, and better integrations.”The addition of Mautic’s marketing automation and campaign management capabilities to Acquia’s broader Digital Experience Platform will drive seamless, one-to-one customer experiences across any digital channel, whether it’s on the web, email, SMS, push notifications, social media, or emerging channels like voice. Mautic has more than 100 martech integrations out-of-the-box and well-documented API libraries for integrations with virtually anything else. Built on two thriving and well-respected open source communities, and, Acquia’s Digital Experience Platform lays the foundation for next-generation experiences.Marketing Technology News: Uberflip Named a Contender in Content Marketing Platforms for B2B Marketers for the First Time by Independent Research Firm“Open source is poised to transform marketing in the same way it has every other function in the enterprise. What Drupal did for the web, Elastic did for search and MongoDB did for databases, Mautic is doing for marketing automation,” said DB Hurley, Mautic founder and CTO. “With more than 250,000 users across 188 countries, Mautic has proven that marketers want the option to build and deploy digital experiences on their own terms – and we haven’t even reached the tipping point of demand. As advancements in AI, voice, and connected devices raise the bar for customer experience, there is a growing need to innovate at the edge of customer expectations – one that only open source can satisfy.”That was the case for global brand experience agency, VMLY&R. “We chose Acquia as our partner because its open source foundation will enable us to harness the best, most creative technologies to execute our vision,” said Jeff Geheb, chief experience officer, VMLY&R. “We believe strongly in the power of open source to drive experience platforms; to create the digital experiences of the future, we needed the freedom to innovate without bounds.”Recent market activity validates Acquia’s vision for an Open Digital Experience Platform, as 2018 delivered record open source software investments and exits. In total, marketing and experience cloud vendors invested over $8 billion to acquire open source companies, according to PitchBook — but most have yet to demonstrate a true commitment to the developer communities they’ve onboarded, or the founding principles of an open source approach. At the same time, marketing automation continues to be dominated by legacy products with deep roots in email marketing. Nearly all have been acquired and have since been buried deep inside marketing clouds where they’ve seen little innovation.Marketing Technology News: New Study: Streaming Services Rapidly Replacing Traditional TVAcquia believes in the power of an open platform and in harnessing innovations as they break — from any corner of the digital experience market, not just those built to serve a single technology provider. Mautic shares Acquia’s vision for open digital experiences, and with Acquia and Mautic, companies now have the freedom they need to own their digital destiny without the constraint of vendor lock-in.“The future of marketing is open,” said Michael Sullivan, Acquia CEO. “Only open architectures can easily fuse disparate data and marketing technologies, creating new avenues of advancement for machine learning to automate digital experiences at scale. All this will be enabled by open source developer communities that have shown how they continually innovate ahead of the market — maximizing marketing investments instead of rendering them obsolete. Mautic builds on our vision to deliver an Open Digital Experience Platform for our customers and partners. We’ve created the only true alternative to the stale marketing clouds that restrict marketers from the freedom to innovate.”Marketing Technology News: Mobile Service Providers Preparing to Fortify Security in Anticipation of 5G Deployments, According to New Surveylast_img read more

FormAssemblys New 10 Million Series A Funding Aimed at Helping Organizations Safely

first_imgFormAssembly’s New $10 Million Series A Funding Aimed at Helping Organizations Safely Navigate Data Collection in an Age of Regulation PRNewswireJune 11, 2019, 6:43 pmJune 11, 2019 FormAssembly, the leading enterprise data collection platform, announced today that it has secured $10 million in Series A funding from New York based investment firm Level Equity. In connection with the investment, George McCulloch, partner at Level Equity, will join FormAssembly’s board of directors.The funding will help FormAssembly accelerate its mission to enable businesses to collect and process data securely and responsibly. This is the bootstrapped company’s first infusion of capital since its founding in 2006, and comes on the heels of a new wave of consumer demand for data regulation; demand which has recently paved the way for the European GDPR and numerous similar legislative attempts in the U.S.“We’re in the midst of a massive shift in the way businesses, consumers, and regulators think about the collection, sharing, and use of personal data,” said FormAssembly CEO and Founder Cedric Savarese. “We have a unique opportunity to combine our state-of-the-art data collection and workflow automation platform with tools and services designed to help our customers be good stewards of the data entrusted to them. Level Equity, with its vast insight and experience, is the ideal partner to help us scale up our vision.”Marketing Technology News: DXC Technology 600 Brings Great INDYCAR Racing, “Digital Fan Experience of the Future” to Texas Motor SpeedwayFormAssembly is a 2018 Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Company in America, and serves thousands of customers, including Fortune 500 leaders such as Amazon, Aetna and Volvo, across verticals where compliance and privacy are critical, such as financial services, healthcare, life sciences, and higher education.“We’re excited to partner with FormAssembly, a company that has established itself as the leader in the Salesforce ecosystem, and is ideally placed to meet the growing demand for secure, compliant data collection,” said investor George McCulloch. “For most companies, building and running a data collection platform is labor intensive and costly due to the expenses incurred in ensuring compliance with complex and ever-increasing regulatory guidelines.  FormAssembly alleviates those concerns by facilitating data compliance with an easy-to-use and cost-effective platform.”Marketing Technology News: L.A. Lakers Partner Wish Jumps to No. 1 in Earned Social Media Value Among NBA Jersey Patch SponsorsFormAssembly intends to use the proceeds to aggressively expand its 100 percent remote team. The company prides itself on having adopted a fully distributed organization, a move which has allowed it to attract top talent from around the globe, and better service its world-wide customer base with around-the-clock support. The emphasis on remote culture and healthy work-life-balance has allowed the off-the-beaten-path company to thrive – and earn a 2019 IndyStar Best Place to Work award in the process.“As an employee, the virtual environment has afforded me the opportunity to move my family all around the country, and I could still do what I love here at FormAssembly,” said Drew Buschhorn, senior software architect, who recently celebrated 10 years at the company. “I firmly believe that autonomy plays a vital role with employee satisfaction and allows us to deliver the best possible product for our customers.”Marketing Technology News: Vidyard Expands Offering to Bring Personalized Video App to Any Sales Professional, No Matter How They Work data collection platformFormAssemblyfundingLevel EquityMarketing Technology NewsNews Previous ArticleEricsson Mobility Report: 5G Uptake Even Faster Than ExpectedNext ArticleThe Mars Agency Introduces Marilyn, the First End-To-End, AI-Enabled Predictive Commerce Intelligence Platform for Marketing to Shopperslast_img read more

AMD Will Provide a Free Temporary UEFI Upgrade Kit for Ryzen 3000

first_img AMD has once again refreshed its backward compatibility program and will offer customers who buy a Ryzen 3000 CPU without a compatible motherboard an APU they can use to update their systems. This program, which has been in place for several years now, is a solution to the perennial issue of CPU/APU upgrades not being backward compatible with older motherboards.To be clear: This issue is longstanding and has existed for decades. When CPU designers release new CPUs, UEFI/BIOS updates are always required to add support for the new chips. The reason this has been a topic we’ve returned to multiple times in the Ryzen era is that AMD made it a point to emphasize backward compatibility with Ryzen. This means more CPUs have been launched for older platforms, which increases the chance of hitting this problem.With that said, there may be reasons for AMD customers to prefer older chipsets with the Ryzen 7 3000 family, and that makes this offer important. We have been investigating third-generation Ryzen power consumption and the associated power consumption of X470 and X570 motherboards since before the Ryzen 7 review embargo lifted. While the X570 motherboard family provides newer features, like PCIe 4.0 support, these boards also consume more power than the X470 family.The gap can be significant in some cases, and the gap means that the X470 may be a better choice for customers who are looking to build the most power-efficient system possible. But this also introduces the possibility that you’ll end up buying a motherboard that isn’t compatible with the latest CPUs, due to having been stocked before the chips launched.If you need a CPU to perform a UEFI update, AMD will ship you one, provided you have made a valid purchase of a 3rd gen Ryzen CPU and can’t boot the motherboard due to a UEFI update issue. Send AMD a photo of your CPU (with serial numbers visible) and a copy or summary of communication with your motherboard manufacturer to indicate why support from the OEM won’t resolve the problem. AMD’s help page goes through several options that may help users fix the problem without needing a new CPU, but whether these work will depend on whether the motherboard supports features like UEFI / BIOS flashback.AMD will ship users an Athlon 200GE with prepaid return shipping to perform the update. The CPU must be returned within 10 days, but users are free to keep the included thermal solution if they so desire. Those who need to apply for a kit can do so here. Include your CPU serial number in the product details and enter the phrase “Boot kit Required” (without quotes) in the “Problem Description” field.Now Read:Destiny 2 Doesn’t Currently Run on Ryzen 3000 CPUs, but a Fix Is ComingAMD’s Ryzen 7 3700X and Ryzen 9 3900X Reviewed: Red Storm RyzenNew Leak: Intel 10-Core Comet Lake CPUs Will Counterattack Ryzen 3000 Family Why Billy Hargrove from ‘Stranger Things’ Looks So Familiar This Is Where ‘The Man With the Golden Voice’ Ended Up AMD Will Provide a Free Temporary UEFI Upgrade Kit for Ryzen 3000 Motherboard Updates Mahershala Ali Gives Respect To Wesley Snipes’ Role As Blade Tagged In amdcpusuefibiosRyzen 3000Ryzen 7 3700XcompatibilityBIOS updateUEFI updateX470 motherboardX570 motherboard Post a Comment 38 Comments 38 Comments By Joel Hruska on July 16, 2019 at 10:05 am Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 21shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. The Dangerous ‘Toy Story 4’ Scene One Million Moms is Protesting You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet The Sad Situation That Hayden Panettiere Is Living In Today Things Only Adults Notice in ‘ThunderCats’ Willow Smith’s Transformation is Turning Heads We Now Understand Why Eliza Dushku Has Disappearedlast_img read more

Elon Musk Starship Super Heavy Will Have 41 Total Engines

first_img ‘Far From Home’ Brought Back An Old Character No One Noticed Jim Carrey’s Tragic Life Just Gets Sadder and Sadder Most spaceflight firms would never hang around on Twitter and randomly tweet information on upcoming rocket designs. But most companies aren’t SpaceX, and most CEOs aren’t Elon Musk. During his daily Twitter ramblings, Musk revealed that the Starship launch platform is now up to a total of 41 Raptor engines. Although, he jokes that the design is begging for just one more. In his initial tweet, Musk announced that the Starship Super Heavy would have 35 Raptor engines in total. After a request for clarification, Musk explained that the “full stack” of the Starship and Super Heavy launch vehicle will have 41 engines — 35 of those will be on Super Heavy and another six on the Starship itself. From what we know of the Starship’s design, the craft will have three Raptors optimized for use in the atmosphere and three others designed for vacuum usage.Before this most recent update, the Super Heavy was slated to have just 31 Raptor engines. Traditionally, rockets have relied on smaller numbers of more powerful engines. However, SpaceX has always gone the other way. According to Musk, the added complexity is outweighed by the redundant nature of having many engines. If one or two fail, the vehicle can still fly its mission. Full stack is 41 rn, but kinda beggin for just one more …— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 21, 2019Musk has explained many of the Starship’s design updates and milestones on Twitter. For example, the momentous test firing of the Raptor engine earlier this year and the name change from BFR (Big Falcon Rocket) to Starship, perhaps a more suitable name for something that could one day ferry 100 passengers to Mars. SpaceX is closing in on the first real test flight of the Starship in a configuration known as the StarHopper. That vessel will lift off, hover, and land safely. Late this year, the company could launch a high-altitude sub-orbital version of the Starship later this year. The first orbital flight is currently scheduled for 2020. At 41 engines for the full stack, the count is just one shy of the answer to life, the universe, and everything from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. No one really knows why Elon Musk does the things he does, so it would not be shocking at all to see another engine pop up on the final Super Heavy. After all, this is the man who launched his car into space on top of the most powerful rocket in the world.Now read:SpaceX Starship Moves Closer to Launch With Successful Engine TestSpaceX Successfully Launches, Partially Recovers Falcon HeavyElon Musk Explains Why the Starship Will Be Stainless Steel The Real Reason Emma Watson Refuses to Do a Nude Scene Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 1shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. The ‘Jojo Rabbit’ Trailer Is Here Gamora’s Fate Is Finally Revealed After Tony’s Snap in ‘Endgame’ 6 Comments Elon Musk: Starship, Super Heavy Will Have 41 Total Engines You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet Jason Momoa’s Marriage Just Keeps Getting Weirder and Weirder The Most Offensive Video Game Characters of All Time ‘Jay and Silent Bob Reboot’ Trailer Packed with Hollywood Greats By Ryan Whitwam on July 23, 2019 at 7:23 am Tagged In sciencespaceelon muskrocketsstarshipSuper Heavy Post a Comment 6 Commentslast_img read more

Salesforce and OpenClassrooms Announce Partnership to Prepare the Workforce for the Jobs

first_imgSalesforce and OpenClassrooms Announce Partnership to Prepare the Workforce for the Jobs of Tomorrow PRNewswireMay 16, 2019, 2:38 pmMay 16, 2019 The World’s #1 CRM Company and the European Leader in Online Education Join Forces to Train Individuals Around the World on High-Demand Technology JobsSalesforce, the global leader in CRM, and OpenClassrooms, the European leader in online education, announced a partnership to prepare individuals around the world for high-demand jobs in the technology sector. The companies are launching the first fully digital, online diploma course recognised by the French government and certified by Salesforce. Leveraging Trailhead, Salesforce’s online learning platform, the programme will train individuals for roles as Salesforce Certified Administrators and Salesforce Certified Platform Developers, with a goal of providing an entry route into the workforce for more than 1,000 people by 2021.According to IDC, Salesforce and its ecosystem of partners and customers will generate 3.3 million new jobs worldwide by 2022 with $859 billion in new GDP impact worldwide. Salesforce and OpenClassrooms are coming together in response to the shortage of talent and skills in the technology sector. By creating a pool of talented staff, vital for growing businesses, the joint initiative will provide individuals—from students entering the workforce for the first time to professionals looking to reskill for jobs in technology—with access to strategic technology roles at the heart of companies’ digital transformations.Marketing Technology News: DLive Grows Audience by 67 Percent in April and Reinvents How Livestream Viewers are RewardedThe programme is based on Salesforce’s Trailhead platform and OpenClassrooms’ innovative training course, given online: students must develop a number of professional projects and acquire specific skills necessary to master the use of Salesforce. In addition, onsite meetings, hackathons, technical conferences and field projects will be offered to students. Registration opens in June 2019.“We are living in a new economy that brings with it an incredible wave of innovation and business opportunity, and it’s imperative we train and recruit tomorrow’s talented people,” said Olivier Derrien, country manager of Salesforce in France. “By combining OpenClassrooms and Trailhead, we’re preparing thousands of individuals for new career opportunities, with training on top digital skills that are recognised by the French government. We are proud to launch this partnership in France to strengthen Salesforce’s involvement in the economic fabric of France and continue our plan to create 150,000 direct and indirect jobs by 2022.”Marketing Technology News: Verve Reaffirms Commitment To Fraud-Free Media With Pixalate Partnership And TAG Recertification“Making education accessible and providing training for tomorrow’s skills is a shared mission of OpenClassrooms and Trailhead,” added Pierre Dubuc, co-founder of OpenClassrooms. “This programme, created jointly with Salesforce, is a perfect match with our ambition, as it is linked directly to a well-defined seam of potential employment, growing continuously. We are honoured to be trusted by a global technology leader such as Salesforce, convinced by our demanding education standards and the skills-based approach at the heart of our model. Above and beyond the training of the first 1,000 students in this programme lies our objective of supporting the exponential growth of Salesforce to further increase the impact of this training in terms of employment and professional integration.”Marketing Technology News: Parks Associates: More Than 20% Of US Broadband Households Use An Antenna To Access Local Over-The-Air Broadcasts crmIDCLeveraging TrailheadMarketing TechnologyNewsOpenClassroomsSalesforce Previous ArticleMass Luminosity Acquires Wheelhouse Marketing and PRNext ArticleMarTech Interview with Christian Sauer, Founder, Webtrekklast_img read more

Barracuda launches Advanced Bot Protection

first_imgBarracuda launches Advanced Bot Protection PRNewswireMay 28, 2019, 1:48 pmMay 28, 2019 Advanced Bot ProtectionArtificial IntelligenceBarracudaMarketing TechnologyNewsWAF-as-a-ServiceWeb Application Firewall Previous ArticleZilliant Showcases End-to-End Pricing and Sales Growth Capabilities at MindShare 2019Next ArticleWinston Retail Introduces Newest Shoppable Experiences Application Security Leader Deploys Machine Learning to Protect Organizations Against Automated ThreatsBarracuda, a leading provider of cloud-enabled security solutions, announced the introduction of Advanced Bot Protection. Advanced Bot Protection uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help customers defend against the latest automated threats. It is available for both the Barracuda WAF-as-a-Service and Web Application Firewall platforms.Web applications are the number one attack vector for hacks resulting in breaches, according to the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, and malicious bots pose a significant threat to application security. Bots have evolved from using simple scripts to using sophisticated tactics such as headless browsers and machine learning to break through traditional application security defenses. Organizations need an application security solution that can keep up with these evolving attacks.Marketing Technology News: MicroStrategy Scores Highest in Four Use Cases in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms ReportAccording to Gartner: “Bot mitigation allows organizations to profile traffic to their systems to identify and eventually block access from automated scripts and other types of bots. The main types of bot attacks include distributed denial of service (DDoS), fraudulent purchases, web scraping, and vulnerability scans and exploits. Unsupervised ML can be used to learn the characteristics of typical human-driven traffic, allowing the detection of bots as anomalies. Supervised ML can be used to identify features related to automated behavior.”1With Advanced Bot Protection, Barracuda WAF customers have access to functionality that includes:Bot spam detection — Reduce referrer spam and block comment spamCredential stuffing prevention — Block credential stuffing to stop account takeover attacksRequest risk scoring — Track incoming requests and use advanced behavioral analytics to detect attackersClient finger printing — Track users with better fidelity than IP addressesDedicated bot mitigation UI — New user interface makes it easy to configure bot mitigation featuresMarketing Technology News: IBI Group Launches TravellQ Traveller Information Software“In order to effectively protect their organizations against today’s evolving threats, customers need sophisticated bot mitigation capabilities,” said Tim Jefferson, SVP of Data Protection, Network and Application Security, Barracuda. “Traditional web application firewalls don’t all provide advanced bot protection, and some bot mitigation vendors only offer point solutions that aren’t integrated into WAFs. Advanced Bot Protection is fully integrated into Barracuda’s web application firewalls to provide a complete application security solution that is easy to deploy and manage.”Marketing Technology News: Zebra Technologies to Acquire Profitect Inc.last_img read more

AdAction Announces 6th Anniversary with 320 YoY Growth and 95 Million Installs

first_img AdActionAdGemBest Places to Work 2019Marketing TechnologyNews Previous ArticleAWS Announces General Availability of Amazon TextractNext ArticleSailPoint Drives the Future of Identity Governance with SailPoint Predictive Identity AdAction is excited to announce that this Wednesday, May 29 marks the company’s sixth anniversary. AdAction is excited to announce that this Wednesday, May 29 marks the company’s sixth anniversary with over 320% average year-over-year growth.Driving 300+ million installs since May 2013, AdAction is the mobile app industry’s leading performance-based marketing platform with over 320% average year-over-year growth. In 2018 alone, AdAction delivered more than 95 million installs, nearly three times the average number of installs between 2013 and 2017.“We can’t believe how fast the time has gone,” said AdAction Founder and CEO Brian Fox. “To celebrate six years in an industry that’s only a decade old is an accomplishment in itself. But then to watch as our company continues to grow, and our products and technology consistently evolve to better serve our clients, is something that we are all incredibly proud of.”Marketing Technology News: StarfishETL Partners with PeopleSense, Inc.AdAction recently launched a new, exclusive reward video platform through its proprietary monetization solution, AdGem. This cutting-edge platform provides quality at volume with best-in-class reward video ad units to drive user engagement and robust targeting capabilities with global reach to over 180 countries. For a limited time only, AdAction is offering 90 days free reward video installs to new and active partners.In its sixth year, AdAction was recognized for its success working closely with top brands to provide exceptional custom marketing solutions and was named a Top 10 Media Source by attribution partner AppsFlyer. AdAction was also certified a Great Place to Work for the second year in a row, Readers’ Choice winner for Coolest Companies by Austin Inno, and one of Built In’s Best Places to Work 2019 in both Austin and Colorado.Marketing Technology News: Sauce Labs Named Gold Stevie Award Winner for Best Software Development Solution in 2019 American Business Awards AdAction Announces 6th Anniversary with 320% Y-o-Y Growth and 95 Million Installs PRNewswireMay 30, 2019, 9:15 pmJune 4, 2019 last_img read more

Translation and Localization Options for Getting into More Markets Faster

first_imgTranslation and Localization: Options for Getting into More Markets Faster Ofer TirosJune 21, 2019, 9:00 pmJune 19, 2019 AIdomestic marketslocalizationmarketing campaignMarketing TechnologyTranslation Previous ArticleZeno Media and ADORA Cooperate on Strategic Marketing and Mobile App Content for Diaspora ListenersNext ArticleMarTech Interview with Kevin Kohn, CEO at iQ Media Speaking the language of a target audience is key to market penetration and success. A new batch of Translation and Localization tools automates the process and expedites penetration into new markets. But do they successfully achieve the quality language that native speakers expect? Even the world Localization is a case in point. In the US you would use a “z” while in Europe you would use an “s” – and say “whilst.” So you are constantly making localized, or localized, choices – even within the same language.All can agree that adapting Marketing campaigns to additional foreign markets, or to multilingual domestic markets, can be a good thing in principle. You will always be more effective if you speak the language of your audience. But at the heart of every such decision, there is a cost-benefit calculation. Will the extra effort and expense of Localizing be justified by business results?  Is there a risk that low quality or problematic Translation will backfire and create negative impressions?Professional: Best Quality, But at a PriceThose who want to play it safe and aim for the highest quality outcome will pay a premium and turn to a top-echelon Translation company. Tomedes stands out from the pack for its sensitivity not just to technical quality of the Translation but also to cultural issues affecting how certain word choices work in specific national or regional markets.Every marketer is told about the classic snafu decades back when General Motors wanted to introduce its Chevrolet economy car to Mexico. Turns out that Nova in Spanish also means “no go” – and that’s exactly how the Nova Marketing campaign supposedly went, or, rather, didn’t go. Turns out the whole story was an urban legend. But even in less extreme or more historical cases, nuances can get easily lost in Translation if one ignores the shades of grey in the connotations of words and phrases.But let’s say you’re a bit bolder and seek a less expensive Localization solution, rather than passing the responsibility to an expert Translation and/or Localization agency. What are your options?Read More: Navigating GDPR: Preparing for What’s to ComeMiddle Road Localization: Manage FreelancersThere are huge freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Freelancer. There you can find hundreds of freelance translators from one language to another. Make sure to check their rating and reviews, seeking the top tier with similar projects under their belts. Look for specifics in their resumes and online profiles. Check that they specialize in exactly what you are looking for: Website translations, internationalization of printed collateral, video campaigns or TV spots. Each of these has its own set of language standards, so you need to seek out professionals who have that specific experience or expertise.When you negotiate a contract, make sure to specify if you are working by an hourly rate, by a fixed fee, or by a word rate. If the latter, specify if it is measured by the words in the original document or the resulting translation. This will avoid misunderstandings.The pros and cons of this route? There’s the logistical and management complication of seeking out, contracting, instructing, reviewing and evaluating the work of a bunch of Translation and Localization freelancers. Everything can go smoothly, or your chosen contractor can get the flu, go on a bender, or take an unexpected holiday in Spain. If you deal with a professional Translation agency, they relieve you of that headache and uncertainty. You’ll pay some overhead for that, but it may well be worth it. If it goes smoothly, you can pat yourself on the back for a wise and frugal choice.Read More: Key Social Media Monetization Tactics for Mobile-First Gaming BrandsTranslation Automation Options: Localize but at What Cost?If you scan Digital Trends or gobble down the Marketing technology news, as most of us do, we’re constantly on the lookout for automation options that use AI or other smart approaches to optimize laborious manual tasks. There are plenty of tools out there for various kinds of Translation and Localization uses.For Localizing software, such as store-download apps or installable applications, there’s a whole category of software-specific products that rapidly adapt databases or lists of terms to different languages. Some products apply “Machine Translation”– the most famous and popular being Google Translation and Amazon Translate. Others “assist” translators or manage the Translation process for professionals in a Translation or Localization agency (see first section above) or dedicated Localization teams in a company. In these categories, Transifex and MemoQ stand out in a recent G2 survey.Even if you take this route, it’s probably going to be a good idea to hire a professional Translation or Localization agency or an expert freelancer to at least check the automated work. That way you can avoid embarrassing mistakes and get the best balance of cost, quality, and time to market.Read More: How Can AI Boost Your Email Personalization Performance?last_img read more

The OnePlus 7 Pro Now Gets OxygenOS 959 Update Everything You Need

first_img Smoother Visual effectsOptimized haptic feedback for the keyboardOptimized the sensitivity of automatic brightnessOptimized auto-switch of display resolutionOptimized the speed and accuracy of GPS when the screen is turned offAdjusted haptic feedback of third-party app notificationsAdded Face Unlock assistive lighting (Settings – Security & lock screen – Face Unlock – Face Unlock assistive lighting)Increased sound enhancement for OnePlus Bullets Wireless 2 (Settings – Sound & vibration – Dolby Atmos – Earphone Adjustment – Earphone Sound Enhancement)Updated Android security patch to 2019.06Support VoLTE/VoWiFi for 3 SE and Telenor SE (EEA Only)General bug fixes and improvementsCameraImproved the performance of camera mode while switching from front to backImproved speed of auto-focusAdvanced photo-stitching in Panorama modeImproved photo quality of 48MP JPG in Pro modeThe update is now being rolled out for the OnePlus 7 Pro globally, but don’t panic in case your phone doesn’t show the notification today itself as this is a phased rollout. It is good to see that OnePlus is regularly rolling out updates for each of its recent phones. In the past few days, the OnePlus 7 and the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G have received OxygenOS updates too. Your OnePlus 7 Pro is getting yet another update. The OxygenOS 9.5.9 update is now rolling out and this includes a bunch of performance improvements, bug fixes and some new features as well. In a way, this update could be categorized as the biggest that the OnePlus 7 Pro has received since launch, barring the camera improvements that were rolled out earlier. Some of the highlight changes of the OxygenOS 9.5.9 include further improvement to the touch sensitivity of the display, optimized auto brightness setting, addition of assistive lighting for Face Unlock and the June security patch. There are further improvements bundles for the camera as well. OnePlus says that the new update will improve photo quality of the 48-megapixel JPG images in the Pro Mode, as well as the auto-focus is now faster than before. This is the complete changelog for the OxygenOS 9.5.9 update. SystemImproved touch sensitivity for greater performance amazononeplusOnePlus 7oneplus 7 amazon india First Published: July 9, 2019, 10:12 AM ISTlast_img read more

Rahul Priyanka Gandhi Not Campaigning in MP Rajasthan to Avoid Direct Fight

first_img aaparvind kejriwalBJPcongress First Published: May 8, 2019, 2:12 PM IST New Delhi: Congress president Rahul Gandhi and his sister Priyanka Gandhi Vadra are not going to places like Rajasthan and MP where their party is in a direct fight with the BJP, AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal claimed on Wednesday. He also said Priyanka Gandhi, the Congress general secretary for Uttar Pradesh (East), will be “wasting” her time by campaigning in the national capital. Priyanka Gandhi will start campaigning for Congress candidates here from Wednesday by holding roadshows in North East and South Delhi constituencies. “She (Priyanka) is wasting her time in the national capital, why doesn’t she campaign in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh? “She’s doing rallies in Uttar Pradesh against SP-BSP, she’s doing rallies in Delhi against the AAP. Both the brother and sister aren’t going to those places where there’s direct fight with the BJP,” he said.Delhi goes to polls on Sunday. The results would be announced on May 23. last_img read more

Sacred Games 2 to Return on August 15 Gaitonde Promises a Bigger

first_imgAfter much anticipation the trailer of Netflix Original series Sacred Games has released. Starring Saif Ali Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Pankaj Tripathi in lead roles, the second season will follow the journey of Saif’s Sartaj as he comes to terms with his reality and tries to get to the bottom of the mystery that is Ganesh Gaitonde (Nawazuddinn Siddiqui).Like the first season, Gaitonde’s omniscient voice over leads the characters and the audiences. This season’s outings will largely hinge on Pankaj’s Trivedi, who is shown to be running a cult in his own right and has his own set of followers. The trailer also hints that the game is bigger than all of them. Sacred Games season 2 introduces two fresh faces in Ranvir Shorey and Kalki Koechlin, while the focus will be on the chase between Sartaj and Trivedi, as Gaitonde makes us realise the importance of amorality in these times. Sacred Games season 2 drops on August 15. Watch trailer here: While the fans wait for another thrilling outing, suffice it to know that Anurag Kashyap has directed Ganesh Gaitonde’s track, while Neeraj Ghaywan (Masaan) has replaced Vikramaditya Motwane as the other director. Neeraj will direct Sartaj’s track in the upcoming season. Vikramaditya Motwane and Varun Grover continue as the showrunners and the lead writers of the show.Follow @News18Movies for more independence dayNawazuddin Siddiqui and Pankaj TripathiSacred Gamessacred games cast First Published: July 9, 2019, 12:52 PM ISTlast_img read more

Confused Christian group petitions Netflix to cancel Amazons Good Omens

first_img Editors’ Recommendations The best Amazon Original series available now (July 2019) The best Netflix Original series The best Netflix hacks, tips, and tricks Here are the best shows on Netflix right now (July 2019) Jessica Jones season 3 teaser puts an end date on Netflix’s Defenders In a case of “yell at the biggest guy in the room” confusion, viewers upset about Good Omens, Neil Gaiman’s satirical send-up of Christianity (and religion in general), are petitioning Netflix to get the series canceled. The only issue? They’re petitioning the wrong streaming service.The six-episode miniseries, which streams on Amazon Prime and not Netflix, is based on a 1990 novel by Gaiman and fantasy author Terry Pratchett and follows the adventures of an angel and a demon as they try to rescue the Antichrist, who’s just an 11-year-old boy, and stop the Biblical apocalypse. Good Omens stars Michael Sheen as the angel Aziraphale, former Doctor Who lead and Jessica Jones villain David Tennant as the demon Crowley, Jon Hamm as the Archangel Gabriel, and Frances McDormand as the voice of God.Good Omens features many scenes based on classic Bible stories, including sequences set in the Garden of Eden and at the Crucifixion that are mostly played for laughs. For obvious reasons, that didn’t sit well with some Christian audience members. A petition launched by Return to Order, a branch of the nonprofit Foundation For A Christian Civilization, asked Netflix to cancel the show. It gathered more than 20,000 signatures before being taken offline.Return to Order’s complaints about Good Omens include the show’s depiction of an angel and a demon as “good friends” (and, according to Sheen, possibly more), the reimagining of the four riders of the Apocalypse as a biker gang, a woman voicing God, a sympathetic portrayal of the Antichrist, “Satanic nuns,” and the concept that “morality and natural law do not exist, just humanitarianism,” which happens to be Good Omens‘ underlying thesis.There are a few problems with Return to Order’s demands. For one, Good Omens is a limited series that has finished production and already aired. There’s nothing left to cancel. More importantly, Netflix has nothing to do with Good Omens. The show is a joint production between Amazon and the BBC, which have been working on Good Omens for the better part of two years.Even Gaiman, who scripted every episode of the adaptation, weighed in on Return to Order’s blunder. “I love that they are going to write to Netflix to try and get Good Omens cancelled,” Gaiman wrote on Twitter. “Says it all really.”In Return to Order’s defense, there are already too many streaming services out there, and it’s only getting worse. If you, like Return to Order, have trouble keeping everything straight, our guides might be able to help.last_img read more

Microsoft reportedly releasing foldable Surface with 9inch screens next year

first_img Surface Centaurus: News, rumors, specs, release date, and more RIP Andromeda, and long live Microsoft’s dual-screen Centaurus PC Microsoft’s Windows Core OS will reportedly be a no-show at May’s Build event Microsoft’s foldable patent paves way for a durable PC folding screen The Surface Centaurus might run Android apps, but is that a good idea? Editors’ Recommendations Microsoft is reportedly planning to roll out a small, foldable Surface with a pair of 9-inch screens in the first half of next year, possibly as early as the first quarter.IHS Markit’s Associate Director of Consumer Electronics Jeff Lin told Forbes about the upcoming device, citing “supply chain info.” Code-named Centaurus, the device was reputedly shown to some Microsoft employees earlier this month as a continuation of the shelved dual-screen Surface Phone concept that was known as Andromeda.The foldable Surface, according to IHS Markit, will be powered by the long-rumored new version of Windows 10 named Windows Core OS, or WCOS, also known as Windows Lite, geared for a dual-display user interface. The device is also said to be launching with a 10nm Intel Lakefield processor, with an always-on connectivity function for LTE or 5G. It is also rumored to be capable of running Android apps and Apple’s iCloud service.Windows Central’s Zac Bowden confirmed that Centaurus will feature two separate displays and an Intel processor, while highlighting the device’s capability for running Android apps. The feature is said to have been first considered for Andromeda, so it is possible that work on compatibility with Android apps from the canceled project continued into the Centaurus.Bowden also confirmed that Centaurus will ship within the first half of 2020, citing his own sources. While the Forbes report did not mention when Microsoft will unveil the device, Bowden said that he has heard rumors of a possible announcement at a hardware event in October, possibly as a teaser or a full reveal alongside Windows Lite.Centaurus will soon join a group of products that have so far struggled to draw interest in the market. The much ballyhooed release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold was delayed due to issues with the foldable screen, while the Huawei Mate X will not roll out until this fall.It remains to be seen whether Microsoft will be able to capture a lion’s share of the foldable device market upon the launch of Centaurus — or whatever it ends up being called —  but it certainly has potential due to being one  of the first devices to be released boasting the Windows Lite OS.last_img read more

Will GPS ever become obsolete Meet the antinspired tech that could replace

first_imgGetty ImagesSince prehistoric times, humans have navigated Earth by way of the sky. Like clockwork, the sun traces a predictable path from east to west every day. After sunset, stars emerge. Though complicated to decipher, constellations are recognizable in their patterns and offer an intricate map of the inverted world, which a trained navigator can use for precise pathfinding.Celestial navigation is something of an anachronism, like quill pens and powdered wigs. GPS is today’s go-to system — and it’s great until it doesn’t work. Researchers at universities and some of the world’s top tech companies are developing advanced navigational techniques designed to fill in the gaps when GPS fails. For inspiration, many are looking towards desert ants, whose unique navigational abilities have been honed by evolution. Although still in their experimental phases, these systems could someday be used to bolster satellite-based navigation or even make it obsolete.Limitations of GPSIf you’ve ever tried to use GPS while traveling through a tunnel or in the shadow of tall buildings, you’ve likely run into one of the system’s frustrating shortcomings. That’s because GPS (and similar systems like the European Union’s Galileo and the Russian’s GLONASS) relies on signals from multiple satellites orbiting Earth at up to 12,000 miles away. There are about 73 GPS satellites currently in orbit and, at any one time, a handful of them can ping a device almost anywhere on Earth. But if a large enough object blocks a clear line of communication, GPS navigation becomes inoperable.Greg Mombert/Digital TrendsA dropped signal is a minor irritation if you’re late for a meeting in an unfamiliar city but, for first responders and search-and-rescue teams, it could mean the difference between life and death. These aren’t the only people interested in such a system. GPS-free navigation could help the moon’s next visitors — be they humans or robots — map the alien world or ensure self-driving never lose track of where they’re going.Ant-Inspired navigationNature is a treasure trove when it comes to inspiration for designs of new technologies, and navigational systems are no exception. For the past four decades, researchers at the Aix-Marseille University in France have designed and refined a series of sensors inspired by insect vision. The latest iteration of their work is AntBot, an autonomous robot with a navigation system based on the unique senses and pathfinding abilities of desert ants.While navigating, desert ants are able to measure their orientation through celestial, patterned light.“Desert ants can walk up to one kilometer (0.6 miles) within 30 minutes, and they can return to the entrance of their nest without risk of getting lost,” Julien Dupeyroux, an engineer at the Aix-Marseille University who worked on AntBot, told Digital Trends. “We wanted to investigate how to make this kind of navigation work in robots.”Partnering with the French National Center for Scientific Research, Dupeyroux and his team developed a robot which, like desert ants, is equipped with UV light sensors capable of detecting bands of polarized light, which it uses to navigate like a “celestial compass.”French National Center for Scientific Research“While navigating, desert ants are able to measure their orientation through celestial, patterned light,” he explained. “When entering the atmosphere, the sunlight gets scattered by the atmosphere and this results in a specific pattern of polarization, which is symmetric according to the location of the sun. The ants can use this to get their orientation.”As an added measure, AntBot is capable of counting its steps to determine its rate of movement relative to the sun. These combined aspects help it pinpoint its location with a precision of up to one centimeter (0.4 inches) per 14 meters (45 feet) traveled. Compare that to the accuracy of about five meters (16.4 feet) for civilian GPS. Dupeyroux thinks his system could be used in vehicles as onboard compasses or delivery drones for last-mile delivery.AntBot isn’t the only robot using desert ant-inspired navigation. Researchers at the University of Sussex have developed a system that can function without GPS by using algorithms that mimic the desert ants’ brain.” … Ants may learn the visual information of a route as it appears to them on their first time traversing it.”The Sussex system is complimentary to AntBot, according to University of Sussex researcher and roboticist Andy Philippides. Where AntBot emphasizes path integration (i.e. combining its celestial compass with counting steps), the Sussex system relies on visual navigation.In the lab, Philippides and his team studied how desert ants navigate so precisely and discovered that the ants tend to stop and scan in multiple directions as they travel beyond their nest. This behavior led the researchers to conclude that the ants use distinct snapshots of the world to help orient themselves and decide which path to take.In other words, to get back their nests, desert ants follow a sort of bread-crumb trail of familiar snapshots, until they arrive at a location that visually resembles home. Philippides calls his system “familiarity-based navigation.”Le Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS)“What this means is, ants may learn the visual information of a route as it appears to them on their first time traversing it,” he said. “If they’re then later near the route, they try to orient themselves until something looks familiar.”Philippides and his team used these findings to develop a machine learning program integrated into a robot that records views it sees along the way. To find its way home, the robot simply uses snapshots to trace its path backwards.Beyond antsAntBot and the Sussex system demonstrate just two ways in which navigation can be achieved without GPS. There are others. Researchers at Nvidia are working on a drone navigation system that uses GoPro footage from hiking trails to travel autonomously through wooded areas. In one trial, the drone navigated along a wooded trail without GPS for a little over half a mile.Students from the University of Utah are working on a system that includes an array of sensors attached to a boot that can estimate a wearer’s position with an accuracy of about five meters, similar to a GPS but without the need for satellites. Such a system could help soldiers or explorers orient themselves when deep in unfamiliar territory.And researchers from the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute and Astrobotic Technology recently used a used a Lidar-equipped drone to make a 3D map of the interior of a lava tube ice cave in Iceland. The researchers think the technique could be used to autonomously map lunar caves without depending on GPS.These systems have their limitations. AntBot, for example, isn’t yet waterproof and hasn’t been calibrated to work at night. The Sussex system has to traverse a given route before it can learn travel that route again. And none of these methods have passed the experimental phases.That said, as researchers continue to refine these new navigational systems, it could be one small step for ants, one giant leap for mankind. Editors’ Recommendations Amazon hacks up to 44% off of Garmin GPS navigators for Prime Day The best GPS for your car The best shows on Hulu right now (July 2019) The hottest of all Mini hatches is coming with a Batman-approved design Android Q is standardizing navigation controls across all Android phoneslast_img read more

iOS 11 on iPad Pro will finally make it a true Surface

first_imgThat new screenshot editor comes with its very own UI, and it’s worth pointing out that you can now do a Spotlight search for your handwritten notes. Not only that, but you can search through the content of handwritten notes, a new feature that Apple attributes to its efforts in machine learning. There’s little doubt that these are just some of the iPad Pro features coming in iOS 11, so we’ll likely hear about more soon, but for now, be sure to check out all of our coverage from WWDC 2017 to catch anything you may have missed! The new 10.5-inch iPad Pro may be attracting a lot of attention, but Apple wants to assure everyone that iOS 11 is going to be just as big of a release for the iPad lineup. Right after the reveal of this new iPad Pro model at today’s WWDC 2017 keynote, Apple gave us a look at some of the iPad features we can expect in iOS 11. These new features serve to blur the line further between the iPad Pro and a true-to-form PC or, perhaps more importantly, the iPad Pro and Microsoft’s own Surface Pro. Story TimelineAmazon Prime Video is coming to Apple TV later this yearApple Maps update stops notifications while drivingApple HomePod speaker release date and detailsApple Pencil is faster than ever, beating the Surface Pencenter_img Kicking things right off was the iPad Pro’s dock. Once iOS 11 lands, you’ll be able to pack that dock with many more apps, with a fully stocked dock looking like something we’d see on a Mac desktop. You’ll also be able to pull up the dock from anywhere, and once it’s on screen, swipe up on any app icon to open that app in Split View.That new Split View functionality is going to be particularly handy when used with another new feature: Drag and Drop. True to its name, this new feature allows you to drag and drop pretty much anything you can think of between two apps. For instance, you can drag a URL from your browser into an email, or do the same with images and text.While that stuff is cool, it’s when we arrive at the iPad Pro’s new Files feature that we see Apple making a desktop-sized concession on its mobile platform. Files, as you have probably already imagined, is a file manager for your iPad, just like you’d find on a desktop PC. Using Files, you’ll be able to look at a list view of everything stored on your iPad, be they photos or folders, and you’ll also be able to pull files from cloud resources like iCloud, Dropbox, and even Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive.Of course, talk about what’s new in iOS 11 wouldn’t be complete without a discussion about the new features arriving for the Apple Pencil. Most of these changes can be found in the revamped Notes app – which, unsurprisingly, is compatible with Drag and Drop. Not only will Notes now be packing a document scanner, but you’ll also be able to take screenshots and immediately write on them by tapping on the thumbnail that pops up once you’ve snapped your shot.last_img read more

Twitter now doubling display name length as well

first_imgTwitter itself admitted that those 280 characters weren’t exactly always used up even by its beta testers, but it strangely pushed through with it anyway. Most Twitter users would probably prefer that the social media giant focus its resources on implementing more requested features, like editing tweets after the fact. This move mirrors Twitter’s expansion of tweets from 140 characters to 280 characters. Intended to also allow users more freedom of expression, the change wasn’t exactly well-received by most users. Some, like Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, bemoaned how it actually lessened the medium’s expressiveness, which forced users to be more creative with their precious 140 characters. Some people’s solution to problems, especially business problems, is to throw more money at the problem. Twitter’s solution to its declining numbers? Throw more letters. It has just recently doubled the amount of characters you can type into a tweet, which isn’t exactly doing it any favors. Now it is doubling the number of characters you can use in your display name, which will potentially open things up to further abuse and, therefore, more criticism. Starting today, your Twitter display name can be up to 50 characters in length! Go ahead, add that middle name or even a few more emojis.— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) November 10, 2017center_img Twitter’s destroyed its USP. The whole point, for me, was how inventive people could be within that concise framework. #Twitter280characters— J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) November 8, 2017 In case you didn’t know it yet, you can change the name that people see in your tweets and profile on a whim, while keeping your “@username” constant. This allows users to be more “expressive” and adapt their names to trends, events, and feels. Of course, it has also made Twitter a somewhat confusing place in that regard.Now you can express yourself via your display name in 50 characters. Previously, you could only use up to 20 characters, which, admittedly, is quite short for some names. With 50, now you can even include your middle name. Those 50 characters cover not just alphanumeric symbols but all sorts of glyphs, including everyone’s favorite emojis.last_img read more

Puma RSComputer Shoe revival pairs modern tech with 80s design

first_imgFootwear company Puma has revived its RS-Computer Shoe, a classic sneaker from 1986 that — at the time of its launch — included sophisticated hardware targeted at athletes and enthusiasts. Though the technology has long been made obsolete by modern alternatives, the design itself retains a certain retro appeal and the model enjoys a number of fans. Puma’s upgraded version retains the same classic design. Story TimelineNike Flyprint is a 3D printed textile upper for shoesPanasonic has a clever device to de-stink smelly shoesVans Space Voyager collection offers NASA-themed shoes and apparel The original Puma RS-Computer Shoe gathered data on runs and provided runners with the info they needed to better pursue their future goals. The shoes have a very unique appearance; the hardware juts out the shoe’s heel, where it is impossible to miss. The first RS-Computer Shoe connected to a Commodore 64 or Apple IIE computer using a 16-pin cord to transfer the data.The modern version builds upon this, retaining the same appearance, but eliminating the data cable and replacing it with Bluetooth connectivity. Users charge the shoe’s built-in battery with a micro USB cable and access the data using a companion app available for iOS and Android. The same 8-bit graphics interface found in the original software is used in the new app.According to Puma, the re-issued RS-Computer Shoe features a mini 3-axis accelerometer for tracking calories, distance, and steps, as well as storage for 30 days of data, LED indicators and keys to view step and battery status, and a rechargeable battery.There is a downside to the relaunch, though: the very limited number of re-issued models that will be made available. Puma will only sell 86 units of the revived RS-Computer Shoe, offering them through its website in the US, as well as its stores in Berlin, London, and Harajuku. Price is unclear at this time.last_img read more

How Galaxy S10 gives Bitcoin a boost in 2019

first_imgStory TimelineBitcoin firm bankrupt, owes millionsOhio becomes first state to accept tax payments in BitcoinWhen will Bitcoin rise again?Coinstar kiosks now support swapping cash for bitcoin In leaked images, the so-called Samsung Blockchain KeyStore showed itself as able to work with an existing wallet (importing said wallet information as such.) It’s also able to create a new wallet from scratch. Both systems work on the blockchain with whatever cryptocurrencies Samsung decides to support – at this point that’s limited. In the leaked images we’ve seen so far, it’s suggested that the Samsung Blockchain KeyStore supports Ethereum ($ETH) as well as Bitcoin. The bitcoin part is suggested in the iconography of the system, while the Ether is mentioned by name. In addition to appearing as its own app, the Samsung Blockchain KeyStore appears in imagery attached to Biometrics and security in the device’s Settings. There it’s suggested that the user can “secure and manage [their] blockchain private key.” Now, if only Apple would also include a Bitcoin wallet in its next iPhone, Bitcoin investors would be set for a new rocket to outer space. Also of note: The screenshot shared by the source for this leak had a converted height to width ratio of 2283 pixels by 1080 pixels. The source of these leaks was a Twitter user by the name of Gregory Blake – a person who usually just Tweets about Bitcoin. Take that for what you will. We’re expecting Samsung to reveal this feature as well as the rest of the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10E, and Galaxy S10 Plus on February 20th, 2019. On that date we’re also expecting that the Galaxy S10 will be put on pre-order for the masses. The Samsung Galaxy S10, E, and Plus, will likely be available in stores on March 8th or thereabouts. Take a peek at the timeline below for additional details! Interest in the world of cryptocurrency might well get a boost thanks to Samsung’s next smartphone. In this next-generation smartphone, it’s been revealed that Samsung MAY be releasing its own cryptocurrency wallet. This wallet was teased today as having the ability to act as a “secure and convenient place for your cryptocurrency.” last_img read more

2018 Mustang GT is a Porschebeater says Ford

first_imgAdmittedly, Ford‘s big speed boasts come with a few caveats. If you’re looking to take on a 911 Carrera, you’ll want to turn on the new Drag Strip mode, for instance, as well as specify the Performance Package and the new transmission. That does everything possible to maximize acceleration in a straight line.It predominantly impacts the transmission. Usually, a 0-60 mph run – or, indeed, a drag race – is limited by the gearbox shifting. Each cog change eats into your overall time. Drag Strip mode messes with the gearing, pushing the transmission to change as infrequently as possible, and thus avoiding the downtime of shift lag. “In Drag Strip mode, the engine torque doesn’t drop when you’re shifting,” Carl Widmann, Mustang chief engineer, says. “You get peak engine torque and horsepower straight through thanks to our new Ford-built 10-speed transmission.”Indeed, Ford is saying that the 2018 Mustang GT will do 0-60 mph in under four seconds when in the Drag Strip mode. It’s courtesy of a redesigned 5.0-liter V8 engine, with dual-fuel, high-pressure direct injection and low-pressure port fuel injection technology. 460 HP and 420 lb-ft. of torque are legitimately big numbers, not to mention up 25 HP and 20 lb-ft. compared to the outgoing car. The V8 is paired with a new 10-speed gearbox, with wide-ratio spans along with Ford’s own power-flow and direct-acting hydraulic controls. That, the automaker says, means both faster shifts and more efficiency. Combined with the all-new electronic control system, you get real-time adaptive shift-scheduling, with the Mustang able to skip past gears as the situation demands. If you can’t quite stretch to the Mustang GT, the 2018 Mustang EcoBoost has been improved too. The turbocharged engine has been revamped, now with 310 HP and 350 lb-ft. of torque. When paired with the 10-speed, you get a sub-5.0 second 0-60 mph time. It also has the Drag Strip mode, one of five – also including normal, sport, track, and snow/wet – on offer. Each customizes engine mapping and transmission; you can also take over the latter with the paddle-shifters. Ford will optionally slap on a set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S tires if you really want to go in a straight line, fast. As for the other upgrade we’d recommend, the all-new fully digital instrumentation certainly gives the 2018 Mustang’s cabin the upgrade its needed for some time. You’ll be able to add that, and price the car as a whole, when it shows up on Ford’s online configurator from July 25. The car itself will arrive in showrooms in the fall. Story Timeline2018 Ford Mustang puts customization front, center, and insideThis crazy 2018 Mustang detail proves just how obsessed Ford isThe 2018 Ford Mustang will make burnouts all too easy Ford promised a performance improvement in the 2018 Mustang and they weren’t kidding, pitting the prancing pony against Porsche’s 911. Final performance figures for the refreshed car have been revealed today, and it seems it’s not just the styling that the 2018 Mustang borrows from its GT350 sibling. Indeed, we’re looking at the fastest production Mustang GT ever made. center_img 2018 Ford Mustang GT Gallerylast_img read more

Acer Predator gaming line explodes All the new model details

first_imgNitro 7 and Nitro 5The new Nitro notebooks seem to be more of a footnote to the new Predator notebooks, as Acer says both are directed more toward casual gamers. In both cases, Acer didn’t get very specific about hardware, saying only that both come with up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM, ninth-generation Intel Core CPUs, and “the latest NVIDIA GPUs,” opting to leave it at that. Both laptops ship with dual fans, dedicated NitroSense hotkeys, Waves MaxxAudio, Killer Ethernet E2500, and Acer’s Network Optimizer.Where the notebooks seem to differ are in design, display, and storage. The Nitro 7 offers up a 15.6-inch display at 144Hz, while Nitro 5 buyers have their choice of FHD IPS displays in either 17.3-inch or 15.6-inch form factors. Like the Helios 300, the Nitro 5 ships with two SSDs in RAID 0 configuration, but the Nitro 7 only includes a 2TB hard drive out of the box (though it does have two PCIe slots that allow users to add two SSDs in RAID 0). Both of these notebooks are also a fair bit less expensive than the Helios 300, with the Nitro 7 starting at $999.99 and the Nitro 5 starting at $799.99. The Nitro 7 is available now, while the Nitro 5 will be available this month.Predator Orion 5000If you have little patience for gaming laptops because you’re more of a desktop person, then the Predator Orion 5000 is probably the machine for you. Acer seems to have pulled out all of the stops with the refreshed Predator 5000, outfitting it with an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080, which means this machine is ready for some ray tracing action. That beefy GPU is working in tandem with an octa-core Intel Core i9-9900K and up to 64GB of RAM, so if you like your PCs so powerful that they laugh at games like Battlefield 5 and Metro Exodus, it sounds like the Orion 5000 is a good choice. The Orion 5000 also uses a CPU liquid cooler from Cooler Master and packs it all into a mid-size tower to decrease the machine’s footprint. Just like any good pre-made gaming rig, that case is also equipped with RGB light bars and fans, so you can put on a light show with your desktop as well. The Orion 5000 is out this month with a starting price of $1,199.99, though we’re guessing you won’t get all of the hardware listed above for just $1,200.Predator CG437K P 43-inch MonitorIf you’re picking up an Orion 5000 and you need a monitor to go with it, Acer has you covered there too. Today the company also introduced the Predator 43-inch LFGD Gaming Monitor, which clocks in at a whopping 43-inches. With a display that size, it’s no surprise to see supported resolution top out at 4K, and it also boasts a refresh rate of 144Hz for smooth gaming.The monitor covers 90% of the DCI-P3 color space and offers VESA-Certified DisplayHDR 1000 for improved color accuracy and contrast. The monitor ships with three HDMI ports, a USB-C port, and a DisplayPort, and even features light and proximity sensors; the former allowing it to automatically adjust brightness depending on ambient light and the latter giving it the ability to wake up when a user is nearby and go to sleep when no motion is detected in the space around it.If this monitor sounds expensive, that’s because it is. Acer will be charging $1,299.00 for the CG437K P monitor when it arrives in September, so this is probably only a good fit for PC gaming enthusiasts.Predator AccessoriesAcer rounded out its gaming announcements today by revealing a number of Predator-branded accessories. This surprisingly includes the Predator M-Utility Backpack ($179.99), which has a 17-inch laptop compartment and can open to lay flat for those times when you’re heading through airport security. The backpack is also waterproof and has a “plethora of pockets,” including one designed to hold tripods.As far as more traditional PC accessories are concerned, we were also introduced to the Predator Cestus 330 ($69.99) gaming mouse today, which uses the Pixart 3335 sensor, seven programmable buttons, customizable RGB backlighting, and a DPI range that tops out at 16,000. DPI can be adjusted on the fly too, with five different levels of sensitivity to choose from. Acer held an event in New York City today where it announced a lot of new products, and its Predator line in particular got a lot of love. Not only are we getting a pair of new Predator Helios laptops, but we’ll also see the company launch a new gaming desktop, a new display, and a collection of accessories. There are even more products aimed at gamers outside of the Predator lineup, as Acer is launching two refreshed Nitro notebooks as well. The Predator Aethon 300 Gaming Keyboard ($119.99) seems like a fairly straightforward mechanical keyboard, as it uses Cherry MX Blue switches and features anti-ghosting on all of its keys. Finally, we’ve got the Predator Galea 311 Headset ($99.99), which offers 50 mm drivers using Acer’s TrueHarmony technology, a hard key mutable mic, noise isolation, and a folding design. All four of these accessories will be out herein North America in June.Wrap-UpAcer announced a lot of new gaming products today – enough to outfit your desk with an entirely new rig, display, and the accessories to go along with it, if you wish. A lot of the stuff Acer announced today seems to be pretty solid in terms of capability, but we’ll need to wait until all of this stuff is out in the wild before we can truly judge its quality. For now, head down to the comments section and let us know what you think of all of the Predator and Nitro-branded products Acer announced today.center_img Of course, the Helios 300 is a name we’ve heard before, so this is something of a refresh with a redesigned metal chassis. You’ll have your choice of either a 15.6-inch or 17.3-inch FHD IPS display, and in both cases, that display will be running at 144Hz. Just like the Helios 700, Acer focused on cooling in the 300, outfitting the machine with one of its AeroBlade 3D fans. We’ll see the new Helios 300 series launch here in North America this month, and with a starting price of $1,199.99, these notebooks are less than half the cost of the Helios 700.AdChoices广告 Predator Helios 300Perhaps not as impressive as the high-end Helios 700 with its slide-out keyboard, the Helios 300 is probably still a good choice if you’re looking to pick up a gaming laptop without going bankrupt. Outfitted with a GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q GPU, up to a 9th-gen Core i7, as much as 32GB of RAM, and two NVMe SSDs configured in RAID 0, the Helios 300 makes for a pretty solid mid-range gaming laptop. Story TimelineAcer ConceptD laptops and desktops tease disillusioned Apple prosAcer Predator Helios 700 has a weird slide-out keyboard (for good reason)Acer 2019 notebooks and Chromebooks revealed in all flavorslast_img read more